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Stabling, Custom Pipe Bending, General Manufacturing, Agricultural & industrial

High performance, low maintenance stabling solutions that will benefit you and your livestock each and every day.

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Our company was started in 1978 in Belgium by Michael Pyfferoen.

Michael started with a small welding shop which later expanded to general metal manufacturing and began specializing in stabling systems.
This Belgian company was named “Pyfferoen Stalinrichting”.

The Canadian company is known as “Michael Stabling Developments Inc.” or MSD. Our goal is to introduce you to a high performance, low maintenance stabling solution that will benefit you and your livestock each and every day.

In 1997 Michael and a friend developed a special soundless self-locking headgate (The S-gate).

In 2001 Michael decided to relocate his business to Canada due to the better agricultural conditions. Now Canada and all of North America can benefit from Michael’s 25 years of experience designing and building high quality stabling systems for the beef, hog, dairy, equine and small livestock industries.

MSD is proud to present a new product line.

We’ve designed an exclusive line of park benches, picnic tables, bike racks, etc…

These are high quality, solid, and low maintenance.